10 Apr / How to Get Aligned to Pay Your Taxes – My Story & A Ritual

It’s tax season in the U.S. and that means many of us are writing checks to our government.

And we’re writing these checks as the U.S. is taking more and more military action. Interesting timing, wouldn’t you agree?

In fact, right here right now please offer up a prayer for Syria and all oppressed people in Syria and all oppressed ones throughout the world, including all of the areas within yourself that you have repressed and allowed oppression. May all beings – self included – remember who they truly are and may they be blessed in Peace, Love and abundance.

With 4 planets in Retrograde and a Full Moon on the night of April 10th and into the 11th – we’re all feeling the heaviness and stagnation, the angst and the birthing pains as so many who are aligned are birthing New Realities.

This heavy energy is calling us out to see old relationship dynamics and old patterns of previously unconscious behavior that we’ve been carrying around for far too long. And this is happening so we’ll bring these old patterns to the Light so that we can finally let them go.

And so, to have to pay Federal taxes on top of all of this can seem less than inspiring.

In years past, I’ve engaged in a lovely tax paying ritual that helped bring me into full alignment with making these seemingly larger and larger payments.

But that was when I felt pretty good about my government and their role in supporting equality, women and peace.

So this year I knew I was going to have to dig deep…

For the first time in my life I considered not even paying my Federal taxes.

I love my state of Oregon, so they were definitely going to get my money with bounteous kisses and lots of Love. Which is simply one of the many perks of living in not only a predominantly aligned state, but in my Love Territory – I love this land and I have no problem paying the state government with ease.

So I first had to start with a brief temper tantrum of, “why do I even have to pay a government that is so misaligned and undoing years of progress…blah, blah, blah, blah, blah” – you get where I’m going with this, yes?

I don’t want my money supporting misaligned energies for a number of reasons including that I don’t believe killing people is the answer to getting people in other countries to stop killing each other.

I mean, come.on. Haven’t we played this out enough times already?!

And yet, here we all are.

So after floating the idea around that we all rebel and refuse to pay our Federal taxes which pretty much no one I talked with was in agreement to (including my Higher Wisdom), I decided to ask The JOGs how I could find my alignment for this tax season.

First, they told me that the money I was paying to the Federal government was to be looked at as my fee for being allowed to live where I live. I love where I live. Okay, I can start to get behind that…

Secondly, they told me that I could alchemically ensure that the money I paid would go to areas that were in alignment with who I truly am and my desire for this country – namely that we all live in peace, Love and abundance.

How did I forget this?! Of course, alchemy.

And so of course they gave me a wonderful ritual for this, and of course I just finished writing all of the checks and LOVED every minute of it and now I feel totally aligned with the unfolding.

Because Spirit rocks.

I was guided to share this ritual with you in case you too were finding it difficult to line up your energy to paying the United States Government (or whatever government you may be paying) a load of cash.

Tax Payment Ritual

Step 1: When deciding your overall tax payment, ask your tax advisor how your tax payment could be shifted so that less money goes to the government. Duh, right?! AND…for the first time ever I decided to max out my IRA contributions because while that meant more money out of pocket for me now, it was less money now and all year long to the government and ultimately more into my investments. Of course, consult your professional tax accountant regarding your specific scenario.

Step 2: Create a sacred space for your check writing and make sure you are in a good, balanced and aligned emotional state. That’s the only way this will work. If you need support in finding your emotional alignment, I recommend our JOGs Empowerment Guide which supports you in fully working with your emotions and dissolving negative charge by getting to the root of it’s presence in your life.

Set up your sacred space in any way that feels abundant and joyous to you. I had sage burning, was in my healing space wearing beautiful clothes and feeling my full radiant Divine Feminine Divinity (say that three times fast ;)).

I then invoked Source, The JOGs, and all of Highest Light as I transferred money and wrote the checks. You could even put on some kirtan, mantra or ambient music to set the mood. I ended up singing as I wrote while continually invoking the Highest Light to bless me & bless all as I did this.

Step 3: Once the checks are written, hold them up high in front of you, again call on Source, The JOGs, & all of the Highest Light (this is probably redundant as they are already there, but I do this because it feels aligned to me) and instantly I was covered in chills as I spoke these words:

“Please allow that these funds, that this cash-money is only allowed to be used for the Highest Light purposes. Please allow these funds to support equality, women’s rights, and supporting those in need in all of the ways you see fit and that is in accordance with Divine Will. May all of this happen with ease, grace and abundance. And so it is. It is so.”

Step 4: Then I kissed each check and continued to sing my own songs calling on blessings for all who receive the check and all those who engage with these funds. I also called forth peace for the U.S. and all living beings.

Step 5: I had a little dance party to anchor in this ritual and I did so by putting my tunes on random so Spirit could direct me to the perfect song for grounding in this ritual. Jason Mraz’s “Out of my hands” came on. It spoke about how I’m not in control and how now it’s out of my hands. It did this for 3:26 minutes (which equals 11, Divine Alignment!).  You can’t make this shit up it’s so good. Message received Spirit, thank you.

Additional Bonus Step: I hand deliver these checks to a postal mailbox. As I’m walking to deliver them I’m calling on Source, The JOGs and all of the Highest Light to bless where these checks are traveling to. I use Love stamps and make sure the envelopes are surrounded in the Highest vibration of Light possible. I kiss them repeatedly and call on blessings for all.

While we cannot change the free will choices of others and the outcomes that are ensuing on a global scale, we can take daily action filled with Love, Peace & abundance while returning to our Alignment again and again amidst the chaos caused by those in a misaligned state.

The great news is – there is a flushing out of the 3D consciousness (physical plane only, fear, scarcity and survival as the primary operating systems) and so our role now is to stay connected to the 5D (spiritual consciousness – Love, Peace & Abundance as the primary operating systems) so that those remaining 3D aspects within us can be transmuted as well – which will support this flushing out of misaligned energies within all.

And so it is.

Love this ritual?
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  • Anna Demouchet

    Wow! Love this so much! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ari

    I just sent my first tax payment last night and was feeling much how you described. I will definitely mediate on this and ask that my future payments be blessed in this way and the one I just sent last night.

  • Jenn Tasnim

    I needed this today. I have been SO resistant to doing my taxes this year. In fact, I have never waited this long to take care of them. These tips are sure to help shift the energy and get them finished!!

  • Heather Kristian Strang

    Yes, I hear you sister! Let us know how it goes for you with this. I was so ecstatic to be able to shift it because I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to! 🙂 So much Love to you, Xo

  • Heather Kristian Strang

    Beautiful Ari! I look forward to hearing about your future experiences with this ritual. Much Love to you, Xo

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