Your Year of Love & Miracles

At the end of 2016, I was stunned.


For 3 days I faced anxiety and fear and shock and horror. I cried, I felt fear grip me and then release me and then grip again. I saw lifetimes of the same cycles playing out over and over again – we had been here before, it had not ended well, now here we were (and let’s be honest – are) again.


My community needed me to come to them with some shred of hope, but I didn’t have any to offer. I was in constant prayer and meditation throughout November and December and into January 2017.


What our collective consciousness had chosen brought me to my knees.


It pretty much felt like the end of the world to me. Maybe to you too. And maybe even now it still does.


But what it actually was and is, is the opening to you and I and all of us living as our Higher Selves while in a physical body.


You know that thing that Jesus Christ himself along with many Great Masters lived as and encouraged all to do? Yeah, that.


Maybe it’s time we actually do as the Great Masters and Avatars and Archetypes throughout all of history have suggested.


In order for that to happen all that has been built from fear and from the reptilian brain will and must crumble to be rebuilt on a foundation of…




So the tragedy of 2017 is the opening to the true You. And to the true Collective consciousness of Love.


I didn’t know any of that though as I sat stunned in my living room with tears running down my cheeks in late 2016.


But Spirit put me right to work in 2017 to really “get” this so I could then share it with others as 2018 requires your/our full participation.


So, over the course of 2017 I was guided and directed to no longer simply speak about Love, I was guided to – in every area of my life – go deeper into living as and be-ing Love. To continue to upgrade my life that felt like a vacation so that Peace and Love were the daily energies carrying me forward. I was guided to get involved in my community in a big way, to perform weekly Love rituals for my Love Territories (see Ecstatic Union with The Divine for more on Love Territories and to receive the Love Ritual), to make my home a Love portal, and to take my judgments, my armor, and my rage and transmute it to Love. (Please note: this is a multi-layered process, especially for us incredibly old Souls – we’ve got a lot to transmute at this time!)


And I’m not talking about ooey-gooey, walk-all-over-me Love.




This Love that we are being called to is fierce, clear, grounded, and will-not-be-swayed Love.


Love of self. Love of each other. Love of all living beings. Love of all. Not just in words, but in daily actions.


And now, here we are. In 2018. And here we must go deeper into that rage, into that pain, into that wound of separation and Love it so fiercely that it has no choice but to surrender into our arms of Love.


In 2018, living as Love is the only way for peace and to uplevel the vibrations that have been dominating our collective matrix for far too long and most definitely since January 2017.


Living as Love is the path to Miracles. It is the path to a Miraculous life.


So, please join me as I guide you week by week and month by month to living as Love and BE-ing the change in 2018.




2017 set you – and I and all of us – up perfectly for this here and now moment. For this time that will be unmoved by anything other than Love. And what follows Love? Miracles. Lots and Lots of Miracles.




2018 is upon you and it is providing you with an incredible opportunity to take the intensity of 2017 and bring it into powerful action in alignment with your Destiny, and with the Destiny of the collective.


So let me tell you more about what I have for you…


In this year-long experience you’ll receive beautiful support so that you can navigate the energies of 2018 while staying aligned to your Destiny, and living in the Love & Miracles that you innately are.


We’ll have weekly updates about WTF is happening in the cosmos and how to work with the energies, a weekly channeled message from The JOGs, weekly Love Activism & Miracle action steps to keep your vibration and your impact high, monthly Meditations, healing Transmissions and more so that 2018 can be Your Year of Love & Miracles.


I have been guided to co-create this sacred container for the entire year to provide you with a Sacred Sanctuary of Alignment, Divine Love & Miracles so that you can be all that your Higher Self intended for you to be during this most exceptional time that we are living in.


  • If 2017 didn’t bring you to your knees at least once, you weren’t doing it right. 😉 2017 brought us to the place where our deepest shadow aspects (or ish as I Lovingly prefer to call it) was made known to us in many, many uncomfortable ways – both individually and as a collective.
  • As we are now moving into the energy and year of 2018, the Master #11 is now activated which is the highest energetic frequency of Divine Alignment. Divine Alignment with Divine Love & Miracles. When we live our lives from these frequencies, we live in Love, Peace & Prosperity – regardless of external circumstances.
  • Now in the Age of Aquarius we are clear that we cannot do this life thang alone, we need each other. Independence is a byproduct of distorted thought – we were created to be interdependent in every way, and energetically we already are! Through our knowledge of the quantum field we understand that where “one or more are gathered” a deeper healing takes place, in fact research has found that group focus and intention accelerates every member’s healing and alignment – even when/if the focus is not placed on them directly.
  • 2018 is calling you into your Divine Alignment. It is requiring you to be aligned with who you truly are in order to thrive. And in order to do so, you (and all) need support, alignment opportunities and Divine support to make 2018 your most Love-filled, Peaceful and Prosperous year yet.
  • And that is why Your Year of Love & Miracles has been co-created. So that you have a Sacred Sanctuary (on the Internet no less!) to come to for upliftment, Miracles, Divine Cosmos support and Guidance, monthly meditations, healing transmissions & Love Activism.


  • BE-ing Love more fully – with yourself, in your relationships, in your community, in/with your work, in social activities, etc. You’ll literally be vibrating at the frequency of Love or Higher!
  • Feeling more on purpose and connected to your Destiny from this alignment.
  • Greater ease in navigating “karmic” relationships, rememberings (aka lessons), and unfoldings – both from your ancestral line and from previous lifetimes.
  • Expanded intuitive abilities – you’ll just “know” with much greater ease.
  • A high-vibe Soul Tribe – make Soul friends for life!
  • Having a greater impact on your community, Love Territory & the collective. Your activism will be far more effective when it is taking place from the vibration of Love & Miracles.
  • Improved and deepened intimacy with yourself and in your relationships.
  • Living more in “flow” in your day-to-day life. You won’t get triggered by things that used to really irk you.
  • Experiencing daily synchronicities & Miracles, that you can share with your new Soul Tribe to build momentum for yourself, and therefore all.


  • Weekly message from The JOGs just for our group – posted in the private FB forum by Wednesday every week.
  • Cosmic update on how to navigate the energies for the week – also posted in the private FB group by Wednesday every week.
  • 1 Divine Love Action to take each week to elevate your Love Activism and impact on yourself, your community and thus the collective – also posted in the private FB group by Wednesday every week.
  • Private FB community to share your Miracles and to support your High-vibing Soul Tribe in staying in Divine Alignment of Love & Miracles throughout 2018. We will be the highest vibrating place on the Internet!
  • Access to blessed and autographed books from Heather Kristian & The JOGs. Access to specials for products and services from Heather Kristian, and find out about any new offerings, books, etc. before anyone else. This Divine gathering will be our #1 community spot!
  • 1 monthly call featuring a channeled Meditation to support you in staying aligned and in the Love & Miracle frequencies. This Meditation will be recorded for your lifetime access.
  • This monthly call also includes a channeled Transmission (that acts as it’s own healing session!) from The JOGs with brand new content to support you each month in your journey of Divine Alignment in Love & Miracles. This will also be recorded for your lifetime access.
  • In addition, this monthly call will include a focused prayer for our Love Activism work to support key parts of the world, governments, lands/waters and peoples – including one another – that are in need.

Monthly calls are as follows and will – as previously mentioned – be recorded and sent out to all participants for a lifetime of re-listens:

February 11
March 11
April 11
May 11
June 11
July 11
August 22
September 11
October 11
November 22
December 11


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I feel empowered, at peace and more excited about life.

I can’t thank Heather enough because as long as I have known her she expresses exactly who she is and I find this so beautiful and inspiring. For me, this is her signature note of beauty in the world and this is what she brings out in me as well. From my experience in The JOGs Monthly program, I feel I deeply shifted. I had been craving a return to the true me since my twins were born and I have found that from the practices, the encouragement, the teachings and mainly I would say from the direct guided messages from the JOGs to me in the monthly calls this occurred. They went to the heart of some ancient patterns I have been asking to be healed and am so thankful they understood me, saw me and were able to guide me back to myself. I feel empowered, at peace and more excited about life. Thank you so much, Heather!

April Waldman, healer and intuitive


My awakening is so strong.

The impact The JOGs have had on my awakening is so strong. I have been feeling blocked for a long time…I felt like something was missing but I just couldn’t figure out what it was. Then I found you and The JOGs! Thank you so much for everything!

Amanda Baker

When you let it flow, it flows.

All of these transmissions lately have caused tears to flow which makes me also realize this stuff is SO REAL. Am finding the TRUTH of who I am and loving it. Today’s transmission seemed like it was just for me… I am SO grateful to be a part of this fabulous group of wonderful people. When you let it flow, it flows. That flow led me to Heather Kristian Strang and my life has not been the same since…thank you xoxox

Judy Siebler


Since joining this community, I feel completely surrounded and supported most all the time. What I notice now is a resonating calm and connection in me. And the knowledge that in my co-creating, I am in fact strong enough or fearless enough or capable enough… whatever is called for. This is a powerful knowing and I am so grateful for all of this. It has allowed me so much space. And it makes me so excited for whatever is next! -Z.Q.
I have felt so much healing and clearing in the last couple weeks. In less than 20 days, since starting to “work” with Kristian, SO much has shifted and cleared and healed for me. And the year has just begun!! -A.J.
A little over a year ago I was so afraid of the darkness I felt in me. I am so blessed to have found this community and this sacred space. The reuniting with Divine I had as a child has transformed me, blessed me, healed me and expanded me. And still with tears in my eyes, I say thank you again. I look forward to the ever expanding of the magic in my life and the magic it brings to those around me. It’s the greatest work of all. -Anon


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