Spiritual Matchmaking

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After my dramatic spiritual awakening in 2008** I began to – much to my surprise! – experience healing and intuitive gifts that before had been inactive within me.

I was guided to study energy medicine, which works with the principles of quantum physics, through the leading-edge healing modality of BodyTalk, Advanced BodyTalk and then through the PaRama – meaning Higher Wisdom – College.

In 2010 I started my practice as a BodyTalk healing practitioner. I was guided to offer group sessions that focused on supporting others in manifesting true Love in their lives. In my private practice I also had clients who held this as an intention.

Then, something very interesting began to happen.

These ones began coming together with their true Love! And while BodyTalk is traditionally used to address physical disease and health concerns, I found that when we focused on the deepest desires of one’s heart and Soul, tremendous life-altering results – like getting married, meeting one’s Divine Partner, living in prosperity, etc. – occurred and then physical healing was a lovely side benefit to all of it.

For instance, a client would come together with the Love of her Life, and then notice that the blood disorder she had had since birth was no longer active, or that her chronic TMJ pain had dissipated entirely.

Every year more and more of my clients would get married to the person who came into their life after our sessions focused on this topic or get engaged or move in together or have a commitment ceremony or have a child together. Divine Unions began sprouting up all over the place, and I didn’t even know that this was something we could do.

We were all surprised by what was occurring and over time these clients began to call me their energetic matchmaker!

Now I have to confess to you that I had no idea that this would “work”. My clients wanted Love, we set that as an intention and then I – with the aid of Source, my Higher Self and my Guides & Angels of the Highest Light – went to work.

I absolutely LOVE that this has occurred and that I’m a modern day Cupid!

And now that I really reflect on it, this isn’t the biggest surprise of my life, as I do hold a supreme passion for all things Love.

I know, innately as we all do, that

Love is the most powerful force on the planet.

I know that if every being on this planet was aligned with their Divine partner and living in joyous, co-creative, sexy union with them, then our world would be a much different place.

And I Love being one of the Lightworkers and Spirit Guides that is supporting so many in coming together with their Beloved.

To add to my toolkit, I’ve spent so much of my personal time studying Love and partnership because I truly wanted to understand it. In this lifetime, I came from a family environment where this true Love and healthy partnership was not present. Instead, in my family, Love and partnership was dramatic and painful and unavailable and not really very Loving at all.

So I wanted to understand what true Love really was and in my inquiry and experience with Love (both personally and with my clients) I discovered that

True Love is a Divine appointment.

That there are non-physical forces at play that allow this Love to enter your (and my and all of our) life.

I’ve watched and learned how the clearing of emotional and karmic (past life) traumas, limiting beliefs and fears as well as disconnecting from previous Loves is fundamental to allowing this Love to be recognizable by you.

When you are in your trauma or pain or your heart is armored you are unable to see and know and experience true Love. Instead you are bouncing from one Wound mate to the next, therefore creating more pain and armoring in your body-mind.

Each of us have many potential partners available to us at all varying levels of alignment, that will match wherever we are at in our own evolutionary and ascension journey.

In our Spiritual Matchmaking work together,

We look to find where you are at in your own personal ascension process, then work to clear/release/deactivate the limiting beliefs, fears, traumas from this lifetime and prior, including ancestral trauma that is impacting your alignment with the Divine Love that will most serve you in this lifetime.

It is a completely customizable to You and your deepest and truest desires experience.

We do all of this by working with your physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual bodies. We do this by working with your Higher Self, the true You that knows exactly who this partner is for you and what needs to be resolved and healed and nourished within you so that this one can come into your life and so that you both may recognize one another with total clarity.

We may work together via phone and email or totally remotely and via email. The reason we offer the fully remote option is that it completely negates your conscious mind. The conscious mind often is the primary interference to you being in Loving union with your Divine Love. All of those limiting beliefs and stories and traumas and fears get in the way of what the true You desires – true Sacred Union!

When we allow your conscious mind to not be present for the Soul Alignment Energy Medicine Events (facilitated by me and my non-physical team, whom I call The JOGs and which also includes Source Energy, The Divine Mother and all of the Highest Light) we are able to get to and release aspects of your ego-mind and related traumas from this lifetime and previously that are holding you back from Divine Love.

The phone Soul Alignment Events are ideal for those who prefer that kind of communication and who have done significant self-healing/development work so as to use the time in alignment with what their Higher Wisdom desires so they can easily “get out of the way” as it were and allow the healing to occur.

90% of my clients come together with their Beloved within 6 months to 1 year of this focused and dedicated “work”. Many then go on to work with me in Spiritual Mentorship to nurture their relationship and all of the growth being with one’s Beloved brings.



  • 7 Soul Alignment Energy Medicine Events – either via phone or email (you can choose whichever option feels most resonate for you). These events will occur in the time sequence that your Higher Self directs. At the end of each Soul Alignment Energy Medicine Event we ask your Higher Wisdom for the timeframe for our next event together. This work is a completely customizable experience that is directed by your Higher Self/Wisdom. No cookie cutter “formulas” here!
  • A Spiritual Matchmaking Assessment that will give you the opportunity to go deep into this area of your life. This assessment will support us in providing you with the alignment and healing that will allow you to move forward to alignment with your Divine Partner.
  • Up to 2 email exchanges per week for support you while you are integrating your event. You can submit photos of the individual you are dating or going on a date with for intuitive guidance, you can ask questions about how you personally can best navigate your dating experience, you can ask about anything that is coming up for you as you are integrating these deeply powerful Soul Alignment Events.
  • Every morning in my prayer ritual, I include the prayer for you to come together with your Beloved. This prayer ritual alone, consistently and daily, has brought my clients their Divine Partner!
  • You receive our Eternal Love program which features 22 channeled transmissions from my guides, The JOGs on the topic of Love and partnership. In these transmissions you are given greater understanding about the holy nature of Love and Loving and your role in this.
  • You also receive The JOGs Empowerment Guide which gives you step by step instructions on how to become emotionally fit – so that you can navigate any emotion that comes your way, clear the charge, release the trauma and come back to your full alignment – all on your own! It’s an incredibly empowering set of tools that you can use for the rest of this lifetime to support you in being emotionally fit and grounded.
  • For the Soul Alignment Events, we ask that you treat this time as the sacred ritual that it is and that you have sage burning before/during/after (at your discretion), that you are wearing clothes that make you feel like the beautiful Goddess that you are and that you take a sea salt bath the day of or night before your event if possible. If you are in a remote package, you may notice you intuitively know to do this before your event recording arrives!
  • Soul Alignment Events may include the following: Meditations, Intuitive guidance/channeling from the JOGs directly to/for you, energy medicine formulas, Law of Magnetism support, co-creation support, Love/Relationship/Romance matrix sessions (working on the web of energy between you and Love), Relationship dynamic sessions (between you and previous partners or your current partner when he/she comes into your life), Family matrix sessions to support your unhealed family dynamics. All Soul Alignment Events are completely Spirit-Led and will be different in nature for every participant.

Have questions? Want to know more? Email Heather Kristian directly here.



When Molly came to me, she was single, exhausted from her work and battling with her own limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors. She was literally on her knees and ready for transformation. After a bumpy couple of first Soul Alignment Events, we asked for her recommitment in order to transform and that moment, she “got” it – the Light came on. She vowed to follow every piece of guidance that we brought through and from that moment forward – her entire world expanded.

First, a former relationship came back in so that she could transform the stories of unavailability that she had told herself about men and partnership. She showed up for this “unavailable” man in the Highest Light and healed these old patterns.
She was finally at peace with this old storyline.
Shortly after she met a man whom she sent me his photo for my and The JOGs intuitive guidance on. She actually sent 2 photos of 2 men. We immediately saw the Light around her man and gave her our feedback.
Within a few short months, they recognized one another as Beloveds, moved in together and became engaged and are currently planning a wedding ritual that is a true expression of their Love. They are also preparing for their family to expand.
AND…Molly is now receiving more cash-money and abundance in all forms – from her current job which after battling her stories around needing to be “her own boss” she was guided to make her current job her client and what has transpired is her watching as the more aligned she becomes around giving her gifts, this job rises up to meet her – with raises and amenities that make her feel like she’s working in a super supported environment. She has recognized she does not have to recreate the wheel and can give her gifts while being rewarded abundantly.
Extra bonuses – she and her now fiancée were supported in buying their dream home to create a life they never have to take a vacation from, their wedding was fully funded by family in a surprise twist after we had a Soul Alignment Event to support easing the worries that were arising, her fiancé was “magically” connected to his dream job and as is often the case on this path she continually learns how to expand to allow herself to receive more and more of her abundance and joy and Love.
Molly has taken every program The JOGs and I have offered along with working us 1:1 in Mentorship.


Wanda came to me at the lowest point in her life. A friend had referred The JOGs and I to her. She had been depressed for over a year and wasn’t sure where she was meant to go next. After doing a couple of programs with me & The JOGs and noticing her depression lifting she decided to go all in for 1:1 Spiritual Mentorship.

Immediately she was redirected to, like Molly, allow a former partner back into her life to heal what had not been able to be healed before.
She was very resistant to this. But after working her tools, she surrendered and vowed to show up fully for all of the triggers this relationship brought to her.
She used her tools for these triggers and within a very short time the relationship floated away and she felt…Peace.
Then, she leaned in to the next call of her heart – living in abundance. She had felt a call to upgrade to a luxury vehicle but her mind said that was too indulgent.
The guidance in her Soul Alignment Event (SAE) was to purchase the car and that in doing so, her whole life would be upgraded.
And it was! Within days of purchasing the car – Wanda felt something massive shift within her. She no longer was in survival. She upgraded her wardrobe and no longer stressed about money.
With this the money began to flow in beautiful and abundant ways for her.
In our next SAE after this, she was told to locate a very specific and rare crystal. Searching for this crystal took her on a wild journey that landed her at a crystal shop far from her home and where she met an intuitive who came up to her and said, “Here’s your crystal and I know your Beloved, come to our event in a couple of days and I will introduce you.”
The 2 met and instantly the alignment of the Beloved began. They are now happily partnered and Wanda is learning how to allow herself to receive the true Love of her Beloved.


When Sydney came to me she had experienced a traumatic brain injury and was living at home, near penniless and was pining away for a relationship. She was at a low point in her life and after pursuing traditional medical means, a friend recommended working with me.

Through our 1:1 work and her participation in our programs, she was healed fully of her brain injury and released all medications, she began living her Highest Path as a singer and songwriter and was united with her Beloved. She moved out of her parents’ home and to the area of the world that is most aligned for her to be to give her gifts.
She is now living the vision that we saw for her early on in our work together and it’s truly astounding as each piece has come in in very magical and unexpected ways!

*Names have been changed for privacy purposes.


Experience 7-Soul Alignment Events in Spiritual Matchmaking with Heather Kristian & The JOGs via phone for $5,555, 3 monthly payments of $1,888.67, or 7 monthly payments of $825.29*.
We are full at this time, but if you would like to be added to the Matchmaking waitlist, please email us here.


If you are an international client or prefer fully remote Soul Alignment Events, you can sign-up for the 7-event remote Spiritual Matchmaking package for $4,444, 3 monthly payments of $1518.34, or 7 monthly payments of $666.57*. We are full at this time, but if you would like to be added to the Matchmaking waitlist, please email us here.


Have questions? Want to know more? Email Heather Kristian directly here.



If any of y’all are considering Spiritual Matchmaking with Kristian, I say go for it! I’ve had an awesome experience working with her and the JOGs on my love life. Her sessions are much more than just magic — you get smart advice from a lady who has a ton of relationship experience. And you’ll do practical work that gets you in the right frame of mind for a great relationship.

I’ve worked with dating coaches of all kinds in the past and Kristian’s approach was the best for me because the spiritual element opened my heart and the real-life tips helped me navigate dating and being in a relationship. Seriously, she even helped me learn how to talk to my man about sex! Now that I’m happily with my beloved, I still ask her for advice. This program is an investment that’s worth every penny. And you’re worth every penny!

Nicole Amend

I’ve worked one-on-one with Heather and have been part of her Love programs. Through this incredible work, four years ago I aligned with the Love of my Life and Heather even served as the officiant at our wedding. Over the course of two particularly powerful sessions, we felt the energy of my Love come in, and within a month we had met! We also worked on my family matrix, even before I was pregnant. When my Love and I began trying for our family, we immediately became pregnant and now have the happiest little boy in our lives. I’m so grateful to Heather’s work and all of her support along the way! I highly recommend Heather to anyone seeking true Love.

Sarah Grace Powers

Check out this wonderful testimonial by Sarah Grace Powers of Holistic Hot Sauce.

Wow, wow! Love magic is certainly afoot in my life! A new romance that is super sweet and promising… and moving slowly just the way I like and feel most comfortable with.
And a phone conversation last night with my last love that I hadn’t felt fully released with – and after our talk, there was a huge WHOOSH of more release. I feel much clearer that we are done, and so relieved that we are friends.
This is an upgrade for sure!

Lauren Moss

My work with Heather and the JOGs has been life changing! I’ve come together with an amazing man and we’re creating a Divine Love relationship that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I feel my heart expanding every single day – I didn’t know this Love could ever exist. Heather and the JOGs have been right there along the way as we release limiting beliefs, old relationships, and open me and my partnership up to the unlimited potential that is available to us. I am beyond grateful for this work and highly recommend it to anyone who feels a Soul resonance with Heather!

Katie R.

So, today marks the 6-month anniversary for me and the love of my life, Ben. Our blind date was 6 months ago yesterday. We fell in love within 11 days, moved in after 1 month, got engaged at 4 months, and, as of yesterday, bought our dream home that we’ll soon live in. I share this because it is UNREAL to me that this is my life. It’s beyond what I could have picked out or imagined for myself, especially what could flow to me in so little time.

That said, it’s *not at all* surprising that it’s also the 1-year anniversary of me working with Heather Kristian Strang. Over the course of this year I’ve done nearly every program she’s offered and also two 6 month, 1:1 mentoring memberships. It has been truly life altering.

Christina Keneipp

If you are at all curious, sign up! Working with Kristian has been one of the best decisions of my life. The information she shares is life changing!! You can feel the love and care she has for everyone!


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