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Your Spirit and all of life is always communicating with you, and one of the ways it often communicates with you (and all) is through physical pain.

Fortunately Spirit also provides us with many various healing modalities that can allow for healing in the body on many levels, often leading to a complete reversal of physical symptoms and dis-ease.*

Every individual has their own healing journey, their unique path that will allow them to more fully experience the Divinity of who they truly are.

And while physical illness does not often feel Divine, I can assure you, when we work together at this deep level, we will find the Divine unfolding that is wishing for your attention and healing – beyond the diagnosing (aka modern-day cursing) and obsession with symptomology!

In 2008 I was guided to receive a psychic surgery from John of God in Brazil after a health crisis led me to try anything – including a sojourn to the middle of nowhere for an “unusual” healing. After a total reversal of my symptoms, I started having new experiences with my intuition and was told by Loved ones that there was “healing, warm energy” coming out of my hands when I touched them.

I began to feel a new desire to be of service and asked to be aligned with a healing modality that would allow me to fully help others and be of true service.

Shortly thereafter I was guided to BodyTalk energy medicine. Upon lying down for my first session, I knew it was the modality that my Soul wished to partner with for healing. I signed up for the first training immediately! Of course it was only 3 weeks away and taking place in my home city – so it all lined up perfectly for me – further verifying the Divine alignment of my circumstances.

From that moment forward I was hooked. I delved into the BodyTalk system – which in my opinion is the most leading-edge energy medicine system available as it works with advanced principles of quantum physics – and I took every course I could get my hands on. I read, I practiced, I meditated, I prayed, I cleared my channel – I did everything I could to be clear and support those I was here to support in this lifetime to greater healing.

I have spent the past 8 years being of service in this way and continuing to uplevel my education and training in energy medicine, spiritual and emotional development, positive psychology and most importantly as a foundation – a deeply intimate relationship with The Divine, with Source/God, and with all of the Highest Light.

Read about all of my leading-edge coursework under the Education heading here.

In addition to my voracious studying and practice of energy medicine, I began working with the Highest Light Ascended Masters and Guides whom I call The JOGs (I met them while at the John of God Casa in Brazil) in 2013, to which my clients have experienced profound healings from during our energy medicine sessions. Often they will come right in and adjust things for clients before we even can get to an energy medicine formula!

After I began my work with The JOGs, my healing practice went to waitlist only and I was guided to shift my offerings from in-person to remote healings as the work was so powerful it was no longer safe for clients to drive immediately after receiving a session. In addition, it was revealed that my gift was actually more potent at a distance as the torsion field activated in remote healings is almost quadruple in power to in-person healing sessions since the conscious mind is not involved and trying to work it’s own agenda.

Over time I was guided to only offer energy healing work for high-level Spiritual Mentorship clients so that I could support those Souls I’m here to support through books, courses and other offerings as well.

Recently, due to the intense times we are living in and powerful shifts in the human ascension process, I have been asked to open up this 5-Soul Alignment Session healing package for those facing physical ailments at this time.

These are energy medicine only sessions which will also include homework after each session to support the body’s integration and healing process. At the end of each session we ask your Higher Wisdom when your next session should take place and follow the protocol outlined from your Higher Wisdom. All sessions take place fully remotely so that your conscious mind cannot interfere in the healing and so that you can receive the greatest possible results and healing.

Over the years, we have helped folks heal everything from stage 4 liver and colon cancer to Lymes disease to chronic back and knee pain to IBS and all sorts of digestive concerns, to negative menopause and PMS symptoms as well as depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies/thoughts, and so much more.

The reason? We are working with the most advanced form of energy medicine with the support of Source and all of the Highest Light. With these powerful tools and support – whatever healing is available for you at this point on your path will be activated and experienced.

Due to my current flow and unfolding in giving my gifts, limited space is available for this package and will be honored on a first-come, first-serve basis. This package is available for purchase from now through December 22, 2017.



  • Upon signing up for this 5-BodyTalk Healing Sessions, you’ll receive an intake form and the request to send over a recent selfie and any information about your journey you wish to share. This package may last anywhere from 3-6-9 months. It solely depends on what your Higher Wisdom guides us to and what will most serve your Highest healing.
  • We ask that you immediately implement the Energetic Health Toolkit practices into your life with daily white saging, weekly sea salt baths and daily meditation and more upon signing up. We include this toolkit in your welcome email so you have all of the information in an easy to access format. Following the Energetic Health toolkit will allow your energy field to clear more fully and will support your physical healing tremendously.
  • Immediately upon signing up, The JOGs will begin to work on you and many folks experience shifts in their physical health as soon as they sign up, so do not be surprised if this also occurs for you. In fact, we see it as so for you.
  • We ask for you full, 111% commitment to this work and to take a break from receiving any other energy healing work during your integration periods with us including self-healing sessions. This will allow our work to fully integrate so that the powerful healing that wishes to be experienced by you can be. Otherwise, other energy healing modalities can interfere with the full integration of the sessions which will not cause any negative impacts, but will stop the full experience of healing that is available to you through these sessions. Any physical and emotional healing modalities you feel Divinely guided to, you are encouraged to follow and you can always ask for intuitive guidance on additional healing opportunities. Please email us if you have any questions about how this works.
  • Once we receive your completed intake form, selfie and email with any additional information you wish to share, you will go into our remote healing queue. From there, we ask each day who our priorities are for healing. When your name comes up, we will facilitate your healing session and record it for you to experience.
  • Many folks will intuitively feel the session occurring and are not surprised when they receive the email that their healing has taken place. Be open to all of the Miraculous way you can experience this healing!
  • From there you will receive an mp3 recording that you can download and listen to again and again. In addition, you’ll receive “homework” with next steps so that you can fully integrate the healing as well as the general date of your next Soul Alignment Session, per the guidance from your Higher Wisdom.
  • At times you may also receive guidance on meditations, crystals, herbs, teas, compresses, books, healing foods and supplements to support your healing process.
  • As Higher Wisdom is leading the entire healing, we are open to all of The Divine and Miraculous ways your healing can occur.
  • We do ask that you follow all “homework” and next steps that are shared in each session as this will give you the Highest benefit and healing.
  • During the integration of each of your Soul Alignment Sessions you will have 1 email exchange that you can use with us to ask any clarifying questions while you are integrating. We want to make sure you feel supported during this physical healing journey!

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I feel lighter and like everything is brighter.

Oh my Heather…I just finished this session and it blew me away!! I have had some amazing experiences with your work but this was sooo incredible!! After a sea salt bath I had the windows open with a beautiful breeze, sage and candles lit… And when I pressed play I immediately had soul tears and goosebumps! Throughout the whole thing I was laughing and crying with a huge smile! Haha! So. Much. Fun! Everything was right on and connected so deeply. THANK YOU! I feel lighter and like everything is brighter. Ahhh! Love!!

Jillian Gunlicks, Artist

Positive and nurturing support.

Working with Heather has given me the confidence to recognize the power in my own body and the beautiful possibilities of my life. I was surprised at the depth of validation and curiosity these sessions evoke in me. Heather offers knowledgeable, positive and nurturing support, which has created, for me, a peaceful space to be present with myself in new ways.



I’m virtually pollen allergy free!

I’m virtually pollen allergy free!  And I have experienced severe seasonal allergies since I was a child.  I believe that this is the direct effect of the work!  Had to share cause it’s a huge appreciation and Joy!



It is truly incredible.

Heather’s ability to listen and hear the whispers of the body’s Innate Wisdom, is profound and moving. Somehow she manages to hear messages from one’s own body and higher self, to help clear, heal, correct and realign the cells, memory and emotional levels of the body. I have had 3 profound and deeply moving sessions with Heather, and it is truly incredible. I would never have believed it without experiencing it. I can’t recommend her loveliness and gifts enough!



Experiencing a level of whole-body healing…

I’ve been working with Heather consistently for the last 7 months. I can’t tell you what a difference she has made in my life! In this short time, I’ve been able to let go of anger and resentment, forgiven family members for past pain and betrayals, forgiven myself for hanging onto that pain, cleared physical ailments, I am experiencing a level of whole-body healing I’ve needed for a very long time, discovered and claimed my Life’s Purpose and realized (on the heart level, finally!) that true Happiness lies within me and that I can choose to be Happy every day and amazing things will manifest as a result. My life has expanded so much in such a short amount of time and I could not have experienced this without Heather.



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*Of course we must also provide this disclaimer to fulfill our legal obligations as well. Above all, trust your intuition and let yourself be led to the healing that feels most aligned to you!

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