Following Bliss

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Book Synopsis

Get up at 7am. Take shower. Go to work at Hello Portland. Pick up gluten-free cupcakes for Laney’s party. Receive messages from a  woman on the other side. Attempt to relay said messages to a sexy stranger. Get rejected.

This was not Shelby Hanson’s typical to-do list. But it was exactly what was on the agenda for her one early fall day in Portland, Ore. Across town, Daniel Tillman was attempting his own impossible to-do list—to write a historical fiction novel with enough pizazz to win the heart of one of the nation’s top literary agents, Kaley Hamilton, at the Willamette Writers Conference.

To an outsider, Shelby and Daniel’s daily activities may appear ludicrous at best. In truth, they’re both being led to love, romance and some wild nights in Maui.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming…

Following Bliss gives readers a sneak peek into how who we choose to love is often carefully orchestrated by the other side. Experience the fear, the excitement and the romance that causes Shelby and Daniel to collide into one another, and into the next chapter of their lives. Along the way, they lean on the support of Kathryn and Scott from The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic.

Following Bliss truly takes readers on a ride of romance and intrigue along with some sexy sightseeing. Mixing in chick-lit, visionary fiction and a side of paranormal romance—Following Bliss proves that there’s so much more behind why we choose who we love.

Who is Following Bliss written for?

Readers who love a novel chock-full of inspiration, sexy scenes and true love.

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Thank you for sharing/writing your amazing book “Following Bliss”. Yes, tremendous healing from reading it. There is so much love in this book, I could feel it reading the ceremony. I was in tears. Thank you & much love!

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