A Life of Magic

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A Life of Magic contains powerful, life-transforming transmissions from the JOGs – 5 non-physical guides that author Heather Strang was “introduced” to while at the John of God Casa in Brazil in 2013. The JOGs guided Heather to specifically create A Life of Magic as an Oracle so that more individuals can benefit from this Higher Consciousness perspective on living a truly magical and abundant Spirit-Led Life.

With this Oracle as your guide, you will no longer struggle or suffer to find the clarity you seek in your business, in your relationships, with money and in all areas of your life. Simply follow the practices outlined in this guide to be able to receive the answers to your questions in the Highest Light and with much ease.

After working with this Oracle, you’ll receive:

  • More clarity about what decisions to make in your life.
  • Answers to your most pressing questions.
  • Releasing of scarcity consciousness and stepping into greater Wealth consciousness.
  • Increased vitality and energy.
  • More Magic in your life – synchronicities, opportunities and the “right” people showing up as you are attuned to an increased level of Magic from the transmissions in this Oracle.
  • Greater connection with your own Spirit Team and Source energy.
Currently featured in these bookstores:
The Largest metaphysical store in the U.S.: New Renassiance Books in Portland, OR

The largest metaphysical store in the U.S.: New Renaissance Books in Portland, OR

The world’s largest independent book store: Powell’s in Portland, OR

The world’s largest independent book store: Powell’s in Portland, OR

The largest metaphysical store in North America: Banyen Books in Vancouver, BC

The largest metaphysical store in North America: Banyen Books in Vancouver, BC


Blessed & Autographed Copy


Anaiya“Heather Strang’s latest work is a testimonial to her obvious connection to the John of God energies. Her oracular writing is at the edge, revealing the magic of her guidance in an entirely new way. She understands the vital importance to share her wisdom at this time – making her a modern day Oracle. A must read for all Lovers of Prophecy everywhere!”
-Anaiya Sophia, author of Sacred Sexual Union, Womb Wisdom, The Rose Knight and the soon to be released: Divine Relationship.

Danielle Ross“Personal and professional abundance has been overflowing and increasing since I started a regular practice reading this Oracle that Heather has so beautifully transcribed. It has been by my side, as a kind of pocket Spiritual Guide. Within a week of reading, and with the support of the text I stumbled on that day, I made an important, but challenging decision with total confidence, the positive impact of which continues to grow now, many weeks later. It seems whatever page I turn to is always the perfect thing for that exact moment. Thanks to Heather and the JOGs!”
-Danielle Ross, Marketing Coach, Singer & Professional Speaker


“Using A Life of Magic as an oracle has given me the gift of an even deeper connection to the JOGs and allowing the rest of my Spirit Team to communicate with me in an expanded way.

Using the book this way has become part of my morning meditation practice, and what I’ve been noticing is that I’ll receive a strong feeling or a few words during meditation and when I go to the Oracle and ask for general guidance it has ALWAYS been an elaboration of what I receive in mediation, even when I don’t realize it in the moment.  I find that asking specific questions works well, but allowing my soul and Spirit to guide me is even more meaningful and get’s me out of my head and into a more Spirt-led place, which is where we want to hang out more of the time!

A Life of Magic has given me another way for me to connect to Spirit and I feel very loved and very supported as a result.”
-Maya Rogers, Singer & Songwriter

Theresa Pridemore“As a Tarot creator and reader, I am especially fond of oracles, and the JOGs Oracle that Heather has channeled has become one of my absolute favorites. The wisdom and guidance that she and the JOGs have shared have helped me navigate one of the most internally and externally challenging times of my life with ease and grace. I find that the information I most need to know always comes through and the perfect words shared to help me shift my emotional and mental perspective to a more abundant, flowing, and aligned one. This oracle has become a part of my daily spiritual practice and I will continue to turn to it with eagerness and a sense of relief for the months and years to come. I know from a deep place inside that this continued practice will be a key piece in my own development and co-creating all the beauty my soul has in wait for me. Thank you!”
-Theresa Pridemore, Creator of the Portland Tarot Deck
Allison Elsberry“Allow the magic of this book to weave its miracles through your life and uncover what has been hidden from your awareness so you can weave a new tapestry of love, joy and Spirit into every fiber of your being.

From working with this oracle I learned to allow – even more.  Let the magic work its magic.  Get out of the way even when you think you have gotten out of the way…so Spirit has room to play with the miracles that have been set aside for you.

And give spaciousness to the process beyond what seems possible, even when it appears impossible or is met with resistance.

Thank you for birthing this oracle into being…”
-Alison Elsbury, Mentor to Mothers of Spiritually Gifted Children

Shara Raqs“Open up, tune in and listen to what the Oracle has to whisper to you. That which is Unknowable is always speaking, Heather has clearly tuned in and given us a little treasure of magical insights to the Oracle speaking to our Hearts.”
-Shara Raqs, dancer, designer, CEO of WOMB
Donna Zerner“I’m incredibly grateful to have the Oracle as a source of guidance. Each morning I randomly pick a reading which almost always aligns with whatever issue happens to be up for me. The guidance is consistently profound and resonate with my body/mind/spirit. As an added plus, the messages are often funny and fun to read! I tend to be skeptical of “channeled” material, but I can’t deny the fact that the Oracle has given me a huge amount of clarity as well as helped me overcome challenges and attract magical and uplifting experiences. I’m a believer!”
-Donna Zerner, Writer/Editor
AmandaBaker“I found you via your meetup post for the call on 3/11 and man…. My life has really taken a turn since that call. I ordered your book and received all the extras (thank you so much by the way) and have begun using it. In addition, I feel like I’ve been stalking you on YouTube because I just cannot get enough of your energy.

The impact the JOGs have had on my awakening is so strong. I have been feeling blocked for a long time…I felt like something was missing but I just couldn’t figure out what it was. Then I listened to your call, used the oracle, meditated and researched everything I could.

Instead of actively looking for answers I more just follow my intuition and allow Spirit to guide me. Thank you so much for everything! Denise Dominguez says, “When you are ready to learn your teacher will come,” and this can’t be more true for me! I wish you lots of love and blessings and just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful to have found you and the JOGs.”
-Amanda Baker

“My mom came to visit and I could tell she wasn’t herself. She was quiet and fearful, depressed and a little negative. Not the positive upbeat, driven mom I grew up with.  On her second visit I got her to open up and talk about how scared she was…I shared with her some of the daily intentions I learned from working with you.  I had purchased a second copy of your Oracle book (A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living) to give to a friend but felt I needed to give it to Mom instead. I explained to her how to use the book.

She returned this weekend after 3 weeks. The first thing she told me was how much fun she is having and how much she enjoyed seeing some old friends this week. I asked her if she had read any of The Oracle. She said, “yes I read a chapter every day and spend time thinking about it. I really like it. It makes sense to me and it makes me think differently about things.” When she left this afternoon she said, “Thank you. You have changed my life”.

Pretty powerful stuff. Thank you and the JOGs for sharing such powerful truths. You have changed the life of my 76 year old mom.”
–P.M., 50