My Story


Hi! I’m Heather Kristian, but you can call me Kristian (pronounced Christian)…

I’m an author, mystic, medicine woman, intuitive and spiritual guide.


And here’s my story…It’s a long one, so grab a cup of tea, get cozy and open your heart to allowing my story to guide you forward in opening yours.

I was born 2 weeks late in the early morning hours of March 23, 1978.

Turned face down, I battled with the doctor for over 14 hours. My mother and grandmother recalled that upon entry into this lifetime, via forceps, I looked like I had gone to battle…and – it wasn’t pretty folks – I had clearly lost said battle (I will spare sharing the photographic proof of this but trust me, it wasn’t good looking).

In addition, I wore a brace on my hips for the first 6 months of my life, as they were not properly aligned. Hips, I later came to learn, represent one’s ability to move forward in life, to step into the new.

This was no accident. No random occurrence. My Spirit was speaking through my body literally from the first moment that I came into this world.

I often have joked – while now understanding this to be true – I was clearly having second thoughts about whether or not I really wanted to embark on this lifetime with all that I had before me.

But it was too late. I was here and there was much, much work to do. I was – as we all are when we incarnate – picking up from where I had last left off from my most recent lifetime and my warrior nature was clearly still alive and going strong.

What followed was a childhood of pain, trauma, verbal/emotional and physical abuse while being raised deeply entrenched in the Jehovah’s Witness religion where I experienced additional pain as well as emotional and spiritual abuse.

I was taught and it was modeled to me on the daily to repress my true feelings, to squelch my natural desires and to forget my true nature. I was of course being given everything I needed for the awakening that was eventually to come…only I didn’t know any of that then.

Instead, I truly believed myself to be a victim of horrific parents, of a patriarchal and misogynistic religion and of unkind and cruel individuals. Oh, and not to mention the “man.” I was a hater of the “1 percent” and deemed my placement in society unjust and out of my control. Let me tell you I was not super fun to be around at this time in my life. I was cynical, sarcastic and negative – not exactly a joy in the world – but I did have a lot of people around me agreeing that I – and all of us – were at a disadvantage (you know the old adage: misery loves company, yes?).

Only I – and those who I attracted around me – were wrong.
So, very, very wrong.

I now know I was being set up for this. Everything was being tee-d up as it were so that I could be right here, right now, writing to you here.

Yes, my early life did come with a lot of pain and heartache, pain and heartache that was primed and at the ready from where I left off in my previous lifetime and which was setting me up so very perfectly for all of this that I now live.

This pain gave me a lot of emotional material to work with – meaning I had to be present to it, feel it and show up for it – no spiritual “bypassing” allowed!

At the root of it all, what I was being given was also a clear foundation for a life that was inspired by and led by something greater, as well as a summoning of my life force to align with a way forward even when it seemed as though the odds were sufficiently stacked against me.

Like when…

I was 14, and a school counselor told me I had an 80% chance of becoming an addict based on the level of addiction in my family history.

I told him there was no chance that would ever happen. In response to my family’s addictions, I became president of the Just Say No club. I had to drive the point home to myself, to my family and even to this random counselor that I would not succumb to those addiction vibrations. I knew somewhere deep within me that I deserved better than that. And so I never even so much as smoked a cigarette.

I was 16 and a teacher told me I would never make it as a writer and to not waste my time.

I believed him initially but at age 24, when I finally had the courage to leave the Jehovah’s Witness organization (and therefore “lose” all of my “friends” and family), I dove into my one true Love and the deepest call of my heart – to write.

The first publication I ever wrote for?

You’re gonna love this.

It was The Source – an alternative paper in Bend, Ore.

The signs were already beginning to point me in my most aligned and intended direction…and it brings tears to my eyes to see that all of this Magic that I’m currently living was being set up for me even way back then.

At age 17, when my mom kicked me out of her house, the summer before my senior year of high school and told me that I would never make it without her, I told her I would prove her wrong.

I did. That year, I worked 30 hours a week at the local Sunset Thriftway as a checker, while completing my high school diploma with a 4.0 GPA, as vice president of my class and prom princess all while renting a room from a local couple’s home and paying my monthly car payment & insurance for my red Chevy Chevette (a car that I thought was so cool).

You see, there was one thing I had in me – fight. My warrior was strong. I could get strong and I could fight my way to awesome. I would defy the odds, the naysayers, those who didn’t believe in me.

But fighting as you know gets exhausting after a while.

And so something more called to me and at 28, a crack within me began to open so that I could hear the call more fully.

I was admitted to emergency surgery for a large cystic tumor on my left ovary. Upon removal of said tumor my ultra-confident surgeon announced I was just as good as new and that removing a tumor from an ovary was just like repairing a flat on a car – nothing to worry about.

Except I did worry.

Things were changing and shifting within me and I wasn’t sure what to do. I could literally feel something within me demanding to be opened and expanded and I was scared shitless.

I didn’t have the skills or the tools for whatever it was that was calling me, I was sure of that. All I had was fight.

Except this fight that had carried me to survival “success” amidst dire circumstances required continual dire circumstances (as that was the vibrational trajectory that was so ingrained within me) and I just wasn’t up for it anymore. There had to be a better way. But where? But how?

I needed peace. I needed resolution. I needed my tender heart – that had been walled up in a protective armor – opened.

In 2007, I called out to no one in particular – my faith in God dissolved into anger and fear from my time as a JW – so I simply made an open request out into the Universe that I couldn’t do it anymore.

I needed to be Spirit-Led.

I had never used those words before, but out of my mouth they came. Immediately a series of synchronistic experiences ignited that caused me to leave the “good enough” relationship I was in and to leave behind my work as a full-time freelance journalist and step into coaching adult college students (I was the first in my family on both sides to attend and graduate college – with honors of course – as the JWs did not permit outside education, so I was particularly impassioned around this cause) so that I could be of greater service in the world.

I also happened at that time to “randomly” meet a woman who told me about John of God in Brazil. My symptoms since the surgery were not abating and inflammation, pain and bleeding were my regular experience.

My weight was whittling down to dangerously low levels regardless of what I ate or how I structured my days. Every healer and doctor I had seen was blown away by my “mystery illness” and came up empty-handed for causes or treatment.

Then, the minute I heard about John of God I knew I had to go to Brazil to see him. He immediately began entering my dream state, and I devoured every book I could get my hands on about him.

I received the very first psychic anything of my life in September 2008 at the John of God Casa in Brazil via a psychic surgery.

I was sure it hadn’t done a thing (for more about my experiences in Brazil at John of God, read my first novel The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic) until I woke up several hours later sure that I was going to die, or at the very least was on my way to dying.


As I laid on that twin bed in Abadiania, Brazil I felt my life force leaving me and I began to pray on repeat that somehow, someway I would survive. I promised that if I did, I would do whatever it took to be the person I most came here to be and serve at whatever levels I was guided to.

The prayers and my Destiny collided, and it was not yet time to make my transition. Within two weeks from that day I gained all of my weight and vitality back, my body fully healed and my Spirit began to shine through the heaviness that I had carried for so long but which was now released.

From there, I went on a quest to understand what in the mother hell had happened to me.

In Brazil I had seen Spirit energy – above me as I lay in my twin bed recovering from the psychic surgery, around the casa and pousada gardens, as bright orbs in photographs. Prior to this, I would have said this was impossible, but now seeing it with my own eyes changed everything.

How could being prayed over in Portuguese by a woman I had never known at the John of God Casa heal my body? What had I felt?  How was God involved in all of this? What was the point? Why did we have to suffer? What was the key to ending our suffering?

I wanted to know everything. I mean, every.thing.

I had an insatiable hunger to understand what had occurred and how we could harness and work with this Spirit energy in our day-to-day lives.

So, I continued to study, train and excel as a Success Coach & Mentor while diving into the study of energy medicine and Spirit. I began meditating every day and making spiritual practice a daily part of my life experience.

In 2010 I discovered BodyTalk and I knew immediately I had found the next step on my path.

I no longer needed to go to Brazil every year to experience profound continued healing. I was ready to learn everything I could and support as many others as possible in knowing what I was learning.

I vowed to be one of the best practitioners in the world and dove into deep study of the system, taking all courses and practicals available to me. I have since passed the exam to be certified as an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, but never completed this certification as I kept being guided to focus on being of service.

The Magic continued and in 2011, as I drove home from seeing Esther Hicks for the first time in Portland, Ore., channeling Abraham, the entire story-line to The Quest: A Tale of Desire & Magic downloaded into my consciousness.

I had never written fiction before and had no idea what was happening. I bolted from my car to my computer and wrote down the entire outline. I sat back, looked at it and realized I was about to write visionary fiction with a strong romance angle. I did not see that coming.

Then things got even more interesting…

In 2012, as we approached the ending of the Mayan calendar, “departed” Loved ones began entering my BodyTalk sessions with messages for their Loved ones.

At night, there would be a line of those who had made their transition wondering if I could get messages to their Loved ones. I was freaked out to say the least and at the same time I knew this was simply part of my expansion.

I set clear boundaries that I was not available for this kind of messenger work but that I would convey any messages of the Highest Light that came through in client sessions. The lines disappeared immediately and I continued to study, practice and lean in to knowing the mystical and the seemingly “unknowable.”

In 2013, I was called yet again back to the John of God Casa after receiving remote healings from John of God 1-2 times a year since 2008.

This time, I had a radically different experience. Instead of following the usual JOG (as I now called him) protocol, I was guided to sit in meditation every day for up to 4-5 hours a day in the Casa gardens.

As I did this I was given outlines to new courses to offer, insights for my life unfolding and I was “introduced” to 5 non-physical guides who I was told would be working with me in my energy healing practice.

I was told I would write for these guides and be a “scribe” of some sort. At this point I was writing book two of The Quest series, Following Bliss (you can read more about my experiences with the “other side” in Following Bliss, including when my former JW grandfather appeared to me in full form shortly after his transition – talk about a shocking experience!) and assumed this was the writing being referenced.

Immediately, The JOGs as I called them, began showing up in my client sessions and performing their own “psychic surgeries.” I was asked to leave the room while they worked on clients and the results were astounding to all of us as clients would have similar reactions to these psychic surgeries as I had with mine in 2008 (spontaneous crying for several intense minutes followed by a feeling of deep Peace, while also feeling parts of their body being worked on from the inside out).

From here, my practice expanded exponentially and I went to a waitlist-only practice while also facilitating large groups that expanded from out of my living room into a larger healing event center space and then finally to fully online so that the individuals around the globe that were being called to work with me could attend as well.

This culminated in a peak time for me. My practice was soaring, I hit 6-figures – something I never even imagined possible having been raised in poverty and having been stuck financially for many years.

I couldn’t quite break through the $30k a year glass ceiling for much of my life until this time! The Quest was optioned as a film (I was contacted by director Lee Scharfstein 1 month after self-publishing TQ) and without so much as submitting a request for an agent or a publisher, one came to me offering me a publishing deal. I was being asked to speak at events and found myself on more stages, including on a local television station, and was putting together my first book tour.

Life was externally expanding in all of the ways I thought that I wanted, but I felt a nagging pull inside that something was amiss. As much as I tried to ignore it, it eventually – as is always the case – caught up with me.

Deeper still I had to go.

In October 2014, I again received a remote healing from John of God in Brazil. That nagging feeling wasn’t going away, my Spirit was speaking and I had to allow myself to expand into the next level of evolution that was calling me.

This time I requested to be “100% Spirit-led.” Looking back I think what a silly request, I mean 100%? Really, Heather Kristian? Even so, the call was strong and the request immediately set into motion a turn of events I could not have anticipated.

For if I had, I most likely never would have made the request.

Immediately upon making this request my book tour fell apart, my body began experiencing significant internal health challenges, my romantic relationship fell apart, the way I was running my business felt completely off, my publisher fell apart – most everything that I had “worked so hard” to make happen imploded.

And I, I was surprised. But I was also – noticeably – relieved. A new wave of Peace came over me. I didn’t have to do my life like that anymore.

I had not even been aware how much life like that (pushing, “manifesting,” making things “happen”) was not working for me and was actually exhausting me, until in a sweeping of Spirit-Led Magic, the slate was wiped clean.

By February 2015, I wasn’t sure I would even continue doing the work I was doing or what would happen next. Exhausted, I didn’t really care either.

I was on my knees and in full surrender. It felt amazing. I could feel that even though nothing made sense, I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

On February 28, 2015, I had a wave of what felt like an anxiety attack wash over me. I was guided to go into meditation and after about 30 minutes I was guided to open up my laptop, open up a blank document, close my eyes and begin to type.

What emerged shocked me! Delighted me! Surprised me. I didn’t really understand what was happening, but it felt so Peaceful, so soothing, so amazing, I just wanted more of it.

I began publishing The JOGs transmissions – messages about how to live a truly fulfilling, abundant, joyous Spirit-led life that act as their own healing sessions – as we now know them to be on my Love blog and the response was ecstatic.

Things were changing. I was becoming more of the true me. The writer within me radiated. It was time. Now I was able to combine the healing gifts I carried through my Soul’s purpose – writing – and reach even more individuals to serve at an even greater level.

From 2015 to present day – I, together with The JOGs, have written 2 books that can be used as Oracles (see Ecstatic Union with The Divine A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living) along with many programs filled with the wisdom and transmissions from The JOGs covering everything from Spirit-Led Wealth to Eternal Love & Partnership to living a life you never have to take a vacation from!

These transmissions are supporting the remembrance of who you really are, as well as energetically aligning you with your true nature, your true Divinity as well as your Highest Path & Purpose.

I call 2015 my reset year. It’s where I was re-aligned more fully to who I really am. I spent the first half of the year in receiving mode, not going out much as every aspect of my body-mind-Spirit was re-calibrated.

One of my mentors told me that there was not much externally that could be done to “help” me with this – my spiritual body had quantum leaped and it was now a matter of allowing my physical and emotional bodies to catch up.

When they did, I was almost 100% Vegan, no longer drank alcohol, and realized I was an introvert. I had learned to be an extrovert to survive my childhood, but the true me was greatly replenished by time alone with my Higher Wisdom.

Oh yeah, and turns out my Highest Path is as a mystic. Um, okay. 😉

Everything in my “business” changed as well. It was no longer about chasing anything but rather about being of service in the most aligned, true to my Destiny ways for me.

Which means, I work far less than I ever have and enjoy an abundant life about 111,111 times more than I ever did.

The way I dressed and looked began to radically change as well – my face and voice shifting noticeably (this photo shows my physical evolution from 2014 at the height of it all right before surrendering to being 100% Spirit-led, to 2015 during my reset year and then in 2016 when I moved to the beach, and now 2017 the year I feel the most integrated in joy, Love and Prosperity in body-mind-Spirit – thus far that is!).

Friends and clients aligned with my previous vibration fell away. I felt saddened by this while also recognizing that evolution had to occur, I could not hang on to that former version of myself and those former ways of relating.

I could say that I became a different person, but the truth is, I became more of who I actually am. The “me” before had been built on a foundation of coping mechanisms and mistruths steeped in previous pain.

It has been the biggest relief and the biggest gift to discover myself as this woman, as this Spirit in a body.

And each day I discover more and more about myself and my path that surprises and shocks and delights me. It is the way for those of us on this Spirit-Led path as we are aligned on greater and deeper levels with who we really are on a consistent basis!

Today, I bring through transmissions from The JOGs, mentor a select number of those Souls I am here to support, facilitate monthly calls to support those in my group program in living their most joyous, peaceful, abundant Spirit-led life, I partner with The Joy Team in putting up positive message billboards throughout the country, I’m a sponsor for Food Roots to bring healthy food via community gardens to those dealing with food poverty as my family did, I support peace-based organizations, I write on my Love blog, record YouTube audios/videos and write inspirational social media posts as I’m guided and directed.

I also have plenty of spacious time for enjoying the creativity, the Divinity and the absolute Miracles of this life unfolding.

I serve those like me – who The JOGs call Advanced Souls (which is in no way a diminishment of other Souls – The JOGs teach us about letting go of our belief that celebrating one’s Divinity has to diminish another. Duality is a human construct, at the core all is Light. The term Advanced Soul indicates those who have lived many, many lifetimes & who are here to support the paradigm shifts that are necessary for consciousness to evolve to the level Source is calling it to.) – those who are highly sensitive, highly gifted, intuitive, empathic beings – artists, writers, healers, teachers, speakers – from all walks of life all over the globe in living a truly Spirit-led Life.

A Spirit-Led life is a prosperous, deeply connected, Peace-filled, joyful, Love saturated life experience. It is the experience you and I and all of us came for. It is the remembering we most came here to remember.

Some of you will walk with me until we transition out of these bodies. Others of you will come in for a year or two or three, others will be guided back again and again at the perfect, Divine times.

What I can tell you is this, this life unfolding, this Spirit-led life saved me. It woke me up out of the dramatic nightmare that was my life and into the Magic of what is truly true.

It opened my heart, my Soul, my mind to the wonders that all of life has for me and for all of us. It allowed me to find the true resting place within, that Peaceful, inspired, Love-filled, creative, abundant, Divine place and live from that – in the midst of whatever my Divine unfolding brings.

I say this regularly – on this path – life just keeps getting better and better.

I am continually delighted by the signs, synchronicities and daily dances with Spirit and other Souls on this path that I experience. I am continually amazed by where I’m led and what is being brought through me. I am so very moved and touched and joyous as I watch those who work with me experience tremendous alignment, Peace, abundance, Love and joy on their path from this next-level way of living.

It is my desire, my wish, my hope for you that you too remember why you are here in this lifetime and that you live it fully and completely.

I am honored to be a guide on your path, a reminderer of what is known by the deepest parts of you and the deepest parts of all and which I am here to shine the Light on and share with all those Souls called.

Yours in Divine Love & Miracles,