I’m Heather Kristian Strang, but you can call me Kristian.

I’m an author, Love Activist & mystic here to support you in living fully the Love that you truly are – in your work, in your relationships, in your healing of dis-ease/trauma in the body-mind and in the healing of the collective consciousness.

You’ve been called by The Divine to live a life of Love.

And living a life of Love means…

You’re here to give your unique gifts that only you can give to co-create more Love, Peace & Prosperity on this planet.

You’re here to experience the One-ness of spiritual partnership as well as sacred union with another Divine being on this planet.

You’re here to experience the One-ness that occurs when you heal your own thought/mind distortions, traumas and pain, and then see the Miracles that ripple out into your family, your community, your country, your world from this.

You’re here to Love. Fiercely. Strongly. Clearly.

To Love yourself, to Love all beings around you – regardless of externalized labels.

You’re here to Love every bit of your life experience and let that energy radiate into the stratosphere.

You’re here to live as Love and to Be Love and to radiate Love – everywhere you go and in everything you “do” and be.

I’ve been called by All-That-Is to guide and support you – and all those called to me – on this path of Love so that this energy can spread throughout our planet during the massive evolutionary ascension we’re currently in.

So…Let’s do this shall we?!

I’ll “see” you there (and you can see below to get started now)!

You are needed during this momentous time in consciousness to live in Love, as Love and to BE Love. 2018 is calling you to this, and we have the community, guidance and actions steps on the weekly and monthly so that you can BE the change that is so needed at this time. Learn more and join us for Your Year of Love & Miracles.

Our books are your Ascension Oracles – spiritual texts filled with the guidance you need to live in and as Love in every area of your life. Choose from Live Like You’re On Vacation, Ecstatic Union with The Divine & A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living.  You can also check out the inspired-by-true-events-yet-totally-fictional and blessed The Quest series to uplevel your Love life.

BE the Love with Offerings that support you in your own self-healing as well as the healing of the collective consciousness.